Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So a place for my thoughts...

A good friend of mine told me that i should start a blog. For months Ive been reading this friends blog, and was always moved her thoughts and views through her blog. Not only because she is an incredible writer, but because I realized that having a blog or any journal sort for others to read, is a great way of expressing your day to day life, your accomplishments, feelings, emotions, views, etc. Its an amazing way to reach other people who can relate, and realize that there is a huge world out there full of human emotion and experience. Through this, Ive decided to start my own. Writing is something Ive always done, and something Ive always found myself doing when I was inspired. Being the disorganized person that I am.... my writings are dispersed all around, through different notebooks, pieces of paper, jotted on receipts, phone notepads, lost, in the trash, or wherever. But in the modern net world, I can now save and update and with a few clicks of the mouse i get to read back on what my life was like. This excites me and I am eager to keep this thing going. I always try to remember certain times of distress, happiness, loss, excitement... to taste the moment on my tongue, run back through through the memories and feel the sensation that I did at the particular time. But its difficult sometimes only having mental image pictures to base this off of. So hence, A BLOG SPOT journal. Great.

I can get carried away writing, and writing and writing about whatever... my mind seems to lead one thought to another, but I will just place whats on my mind currently because I do realize this is a journal that I can update and add to as life goes on.

At this point in my life I am on my own and literally have been on my own since I was sixteen years old. But I'm not talking about the 'on own your own' where you are independent as far as parenting goes, although that stands true in my case as well... I'm talking about finally having the mind set of someone who is out there finding their own truth(s). Someone who is just blooming as an adult and making their own decisions, their own paths and own mistakes. I am more inspired than ever as an artist. For a while I've allowed myself to stall, and its time that I untie my own idle strings and get going. This might just be my first move in that direction. My first create.

I am on a mission to find out who I really am. All my life Ive never had the opportunity to sit myself down and really think out that question. Who am I really? That single thought, as big as that thought is, has been circling my mind quite a lot recently. So lets get this diary online thing going so I can later study my entries and determine this. I guess whoever you are, will discover this just as much as I will, as time rolls along.